Welcome to The Link, where you'll find all your holiday booking information in one easy-to-access place. Information such as a suggested kit list, transfer times, GPS files, a statement of what you have paid and what you owe etc. You can pay online by credit card (N.B. no financial or payment information is stored) and you can make contact with fellow cyclists on your particular departure, to share training ideas or just say hello. Take a trip down memory lane with a list of your Marmot adventures to date and be inspired by the experiences of others by browsing their Marmot holiday portfolios.

Since 2004, we have carefully crafted remarkable road cycling holidays, and you have come to trust in the quality of our tours which we tweak and improve year on year. If you have travelled with us before, you already have an account on The Link - please login or get in touch if you do not have your login details. If this is your first time holidaying with Marmot Tours, please register your account in The Link so you can make your first booking.


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